The Helena Security Council

The Helena Security Council is a body of leaders that convene and act around issues of global security.

The Council is comprised of select Helena Members, select Helena Brain Trust Members, senior Helena staff and outside experts in the intelligence, advanced technologies, military and media fields. 

Currently, The Council is focused on the future of global security during the next 20 years. We have prioritized the intersection of artificial intelligence and nuclear security, additive manufacturing, speed of information its effect on the world’s increasingly decentralized media, millennial perceptions on global security, and the security of electric grid systems. 

Through a partnership with the RAND Corporation, the Council will work to develop new ways to approach global security in the 21st Century, with a particular focus on the identification of the leaders, policies, and technologies that will shape the field.

The Security Council will work closely with Helena’s Advanced Technologies Division (ATD), which supports scientific research and development into advanced technologies in an effort to expand the frontiers of human knowledge and capability.


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