‍Dr. Hubertus Hoffman is a German entrepreneur, geostrategist, author and philanthropist. He has worked as an advisor within the European Parliament, the German Bundestag, and in the U.S. Senate, focusing on defense and foreign affairs.

Hubertus has also worked as an entrepreneur and investor. He co-founded GCG, which invested €3.3 bn in companies like VolkswagenBASFThyssenKruppLanxess and Siemens. From 1996-2000 he founded and served as CEO of InternetMediaHouse AG, and was also an investor and member of the Executive Board at Loewe TV, increasing the value of both companies by 24 times in two years to a peak of €600m.

In the geopolitical arena, Dr. Hoffmann supported NATO‘s Two Track Decision from 1979 to 1983 to deploy medium-range nuclear weapons in Europe combined with mutual arms reductions on the side of the Russians, putting him on the target list of the RAF, the German terrorist organization. In 1978 he founded a popular German appeal (Dattelner Appell) to dismantle the new Russian SS-20 missiles and to combine it with the non-deployment of NATO Pershing II and Cruise Missiles, which was signed by more than 100 members of the German Bundestag, U.S. Senators like Edward Kennedy, and others, and on December 12, 1979 was successfully integrated into NATO’s Two Track Decision and later into the INF Treaty.

One of his main activities in World Security Network is The Human Codes of Tolerance and Respect Projectpromoting universal rules for parents, educators, journalists, religious leaders and politicians on how to promote respect for other religions, races and ethnic minorities, as important soft factors of peacemaking including best practices from all over the world and the roots of respect and tolerance in the life of the Prophet and Islam. He published his book Codes of Tolerance in 2014.

Dr. Hoffmann is a frequent speaker, and has spoken in the White House Situation Room(Briefing for National Security Advisor Bob McFarlane and his NSC Directors), the West Point U.S. Military Academy, the U.S. CongressCSIS in Washington DC, YPO Europe in Krakow (Poland), MedDays in Tanger (Morocco), Global Women Leader Conference of Zayed University in Dubai (UAE), Konrad-Adenauer Foundation in Tallinn (Estonia), EU- Russia- Congress in Sankt Petersburg, Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, the Royal College of Defense Studies(RCDS) in London, the Planning Staff of the German Foreign OfficeHarvardYaleColumbiaGeorgetown Universities, and many more.