Anand Giridharadas: Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World

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Form: Hardcover

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Page Count: 276


Brief Notes:

Giridharadas’s central points — that “elite” philanthropy often continues the underlying systems that perpetuate problems in the first place, that there is an overwhelming reluctance in such circles to enact positive change that comes at the expense of their own interests, that there is a preference and social celebration around the pursuit of “solving problems” and “giving,” yet largely an ignorance of efforts that prevent “taking” and the creation of problems, and that some hold an incorrect and dangerous view that the private sector should be the exclusive agent of social change — are largely true. They are important and much needed viewpoints that are not often made (and published).

Reading the book spurred a lot of notes on my end, far more than available for a short section here. Overall, I disagreed with a significant amount of Giridharadas’s selection and use of evidence, evidence which mostly was in service of an overarching point that I was in support of. Regardless, this is a book worth reading and a viewpoint worth considering and acting upon.