Lyn Stoler is a Project Director at Helena.

Lyn Stoler is currently a candidate for the Master’s of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley. She has worked in the Fernald Lab, and focuses on globalization and its effects on public health, particularly in developing regions and with respect to nutrition.

Before Helena, Lyn was the youngest member of the Board of Directors for End World Hunger 2030, and a pioneer Food Security Coordinator for The Suitcase Clinic. These experiences and previous policy work have informed her passion for collaboration between research, public interest, and the private sector.

Lyn graduated from UC Berkeley in 2017 as a Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholar. There, she studied Molecular and Cell Biology, Public Health, and Global Poverty and Practice.

As an immigrant whose studies and work have taken her around the world, Lyn is passionate about bringing her multidisciplinary background and international experience to understanding health on the global and biomedical level at Helena.