Peter Walker Kaplan is a Strategy Director at Helena.

He brings to Helena an impassioned record for building solutions to problems that indiscriminately affect global communities. As a Program Manager at the Aspen Institute, he conducted research on foreign policy and artificial intelligence, and co-produced the Aspen Ideas Festival. Additional projects that Peter managed at the Institute partnered with IBM, The Atlantic, Bloomberg, the city of Abu Dhabi, Blackstone, and the State Department’s Partners for a New Beginning (PNB) under the leadership of Walter Isaacson and Secretary Madeleine Albright. Peter began his career in Washington D.C. as a Brent Scowcroft Award Fellow at the Aspen Strategy Group under the leadership of General Brent Scowcroft, Dr. Joseph Nye, and Ambassador Nick Burns.

Peter has also studied global issues as a reporter and environmental researcher: For Princeton University STEP (Program in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy) he served as a research assistant and spatial analyst; for BuzzFeed News he conducted feature reporting on the 2012 elections and Arab Spring; he also worked as an intern and translator for the Waterkeeper Alliance and Pace University’s School of Environmental Law. He is a graduate of Middlebury College, where he achieved his BA in Geography with concentrations in Arabic, Middle Eastern geopolitics, and GIS.

Peter speaks Arabic, Chinese, and can stumble through some French. If you are at lunch with Peter and don’t know what to talk about, bring up the New York Giants, hip-hop, Ariana Grande, Winslow Homer, the city of New York, or the state of Vermont.